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City :Nairobi
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Edition, printing
Research and development
Social, public and human services
Government services
Transport, logistics, postal services
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Company Description

Farsight Africa Group is a communications, research and advisory firm that provides customized services to clients in government, business and the development sector. We thrive on working in complex, sensitive and frequently insecure environment. The company’s headquarters and regional office are in Nairobi, Kenya with operating offices in Somalia, Somaliland, and South Sudan. We have over nine years of operational history with focus on strategic communications, advisory services, research, and monitoring & evaluation.

Our team consists of experienced local and international practitioners with a background in strategy, research, project management, and specific industries. They have a deep and unparalleled understanding of the social, cultural and political landscape. We ensure that we can employ the rare commodity of influence to deliver strategic effects, as well as behavioral change among key audiences.

Additionally, we have provided strategic communication support to international NGOs such as UNSOM and AMISOM via communication campaigns targeted to different stakeholders including; local Somalis, donors, INGOs, civil society organizations, and Somalis living in diaspora. The aforementioned campaigns have been implemented via different public relations tactics such as; stakeholder analysis, development, and dissemination of communication materials, traditional and social media and impact assessment surveys.

Taken together, Farsight is able to develop and deploy superior interventions that help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. Our service array is comprehensive and we distinguish ourselves by offering end-to-end solutions. We design our offer to match the challenge and the specific effects our clients want to be delivered. We are impact-led and view the measurement of output, performance, and effect as an integral part of our program design.